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Where Big Data Meets VR in Virtualitics

Virtualitics have secured $4.4 million in funding to bring data analysis into VR.

Technology start-up Virtualitics have gathered $4.4 million (USD) in funding from venture capitalists such as The Venture Reality Fund in order to create technology combining big data with virtual reality (VR).

Virtualitics are creating a platform to enable users to examine up to ten dimensions of data in a virtual environment. The platform also allows for collaboration between users who may be in totally different physical locations, but able to see and interact with the same data and view 3D analysis, which can lead to better pattern recognition.

“The VR Fund is among the most active and experienced investors in this sector and its team understands the intrinsic value in evolving the way we explore, interact with and understand complex datasets,” said Michael Amori, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Virtualitics. “Our technology enables organizations of all sizes, across any sector, to more effectively identify meaningful patterns in data that can lead to better business outcomes, cost savings and significant competitive advantage.”

“Virtualitics is harnessing the power of VR/AR and artificial intelligence to present and analyze big data in an unprecedented way,” said Marco DeMiroz, Co-founder and General Partner at The VR Fund. “The company’s platform is truly transformative and can be applied to any industry that relies heavily on data analytics, representing tremendous market opportunity on a global scale.”

The Virtualitics platform is currently in private closed Beta, being evaluated and tested by companies such as Accenture. Further information is available at the official Virtualitics website.

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