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Wireless VR Peripherals with Nefes Data Kit

New data kit allows USB VR peripherals to become untethered.

It is the opinion of some analysts and critics of virtual reality (VR) that the technology needs to go wireless before it can go fully mainstream. The Nefes Data Kit is taking steps towards that goal.

The Nefes Data kit is produced by Hendesehane Nefes and allows developers and engineers to add wireless features to VR and augmented reality (AR) peripherals. This allows for USB-based peripherals such as haptic controllers, smart gloves and other USB wearables to become untethered.

The kit allows for up to 4 Nefes Data kits to operate in the same area without interference or loss of quality. Standard mode for Wireless VR usage is for ‘Point-to-point’ mode, which allows for one host module and one device module, enabling up to four USB devices to be connected via a USB mini-hub. The system allows for low-latency wireless functionality, only adding 1ms of latency.

The Data Kit has been tested with USB devices such as the Oculus Rift tracker, YEI 3-Space sensors, Razer Hydra, HuddleCamHD. Wireless functionality can also be added to an Arduino or Teensy development board using the Nefes Data Kit.

The makers have confirmed that the Nefes data kit will work alongside the HTC Vive TPCast wireless headset technology with no interference.

The package for the data kit contains the following:

  • PC Host Dongle
  • USB Device Dongle
  • Power/USB Hub adapter
  • 5VDC 2A Power Adapter
  • EU to US Power plug converter
  • 5VDC to USB power cable

Hendesehane Nefes is currently developing for Pimax 4K, castAR, Razer OSVR HDK1, Razer OSVR HDK2, Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The company is also part of the VR First initiative.

Further information can be found via the launch video viewable below.

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest news on developments in wireless VR technology from around the world.

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