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World War Toons Goes Closed Beta for PC Version

Studio Roqovan are accepting signups for closed Beta of PC version.

World War Toons is a humorous take on the Second World War featuring a cast of eccentric characters with unique skins that can be unlocked for the player characters and for the array of weapons. Up until now, it has been a PlayStation VR exclusive. That seems to be about to change.

Los Angeles-based developer Studio Roqovan have revealed on the World War Toons website that they are looking for players to sign up for the closed Beta for an upcoming PC version of the title.

Going to the website and clicking on the button marked ‘Signup for PC Closed Beta’ gives the option to enter your email address, a confirmation is then sent to your email to ensure it is a valid email.

World War Toons Image 3

World War Toons has received praise for its bright colours, solid graphics and action-packed multiplayer. The title received a large update titled ‘The Big Brawl’ earlier this year which contained a new map, lots more unlockable character skins and weapon skins as well as a new movement option designed for those less familiar with virtual reality (VR) movement.

It is not currently know what PC VR platform will be supported by the closed Beta, or indeed, if the PC version will be VR compatible at all. Though it would seem unusual for a videogame designed with VR in mind to go back to non-VR.

World War Toons screenshot

It is also not known at this point if the PC version will be free to play like the PlayStation VR version.

VRFocus will keep you updated on further news about World War Toons and other VR titles.

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