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Yours, In 60 Seconds: RelayCars Updates To Version 6.0

Live your automotive dream with the Samsung Gear VR.

Most everyone growing up fantasises about owning a particular car. Cars are just one of those things that capture the imagination. An evocative mix of speed, expense, beauty and freedom. Of course for many of us we can never live the dream, and if you do end up driving it will be something far less flashy and conservative than the Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari dreams of our youth.

But thanks to one particular app there is a way for Samsung Gear VR owners to get a chance to appreciate an array of cars on the market.

EVOX Images has launched version 6.0 of RelayCars, an app for the car enthusiast which allows them to explore the exterior and interior of more than 700 cars without ever leaving the comfort of their sofa. The app, which includes all manner of cars across six different virtual showrooms (from SUVs to American muscle cars) features vehicles from makers such as the aforementioned Porsche, as well as the likes of Jaguar and Tesla.

“We are excited to bring consumers the most comprehensive automotive VR application on the market and enhance the way people buy cars.” Said the CEO of EVOX Images, David Falstrup. “Our goal is to make you feel like we just put you in the driver’s seat of your favourite car. RelayCars 6.0 features coverage for every model in our vast library, giving consumers access to an unprecedented number of vehicles, completely free on the app store.”

The app, available for free from the Oculus Home store also features the chance for you to take a virtual test ride, living out the dream of driving unobstructed down a desert highway road or taking in the sights of the coast.

VRFocus will bring you news on further developments with RelayCars as it is released.

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