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3D Sound Labs Begin Offering 3D Audio Production

3D Sound Labs technology will be available for VR/360-degree creators at MainBerlin Studios in Germany.

Audio is an important component in crafting an immersive virtual reality (VR) or 360-degree experience. 3D Sound Labs specialise in 3D/VR audio and have announced that the audio technology is ready to be made available to creators and artists at the MainBerlin studio.

3D Sound Labs use the most up-to-date 3D audio technology, provided by Sfëar, a top brand of binaural 3D sound production tools which is the result of a joint venture between 3D Sound Labs and Voodoopop.

“We are proud to be the first commercial studio in Europe with a full Sfëar set-up powered by 3D Sound Labs and believe in the new possibilities that we can achieve working with immersive audio,” said Peer Neumann, co-owner at MainBerlin.

3d sound labs logo

Ulrich Wirth, sound designer added: “Having an ambisonic-to-binaural system with real time head tracking enables us to work in real 3D audio and freely convert between binaural and 3D reproduction to deliver to anyone regardless of their technical setup. The Sfëar tools are very intuitive and fast to use and open countless new doors for creation. We are convinced we have one of the most powerful tools for the emerging demand of immersive media right here at our fingertips.”


“3D/VR audio provides a new degree of freedom for artistic minds. They can choose where to position each instrument and immerse the listener in a dynamic spatial audio scene, or blur the lines between recorded and live music events,” said Dimitri Singer, CEO at 3D Sound Labs. “It’s a new opportunity for the music industry. With our partners within the BINCI project, 3D Sound Labs is building the proper tools to record and play back music in ways we’ve never been able to before.”

VRFocus will continue to bring you news of the latest developments in 3D/VR sound technology.

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