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AirAsia Launches VR Campaign To Celebrate 50 Years of ASEAN

To encourage tourism to the ASEAN region, AirAsia have launched a VR video campaign.

ASEAN is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, an organisation of ten Southeast Asian countries that aims to improve economic growth and social progress among its member nations. 2017 is the 50th Year of ASEAN’s existence, and in celebration, AirAsia have launched a new campaign integrating virtual reality (VR).

The campaign will be presented via AirAsia’s social media platforms and will feature hundreds of 360-degree scenes from all ten ASEAN countries showing off the cities and attractions of each country. The footage for the campaign was mostly captured from the air using a variety of methods including helicopters, drones, hot-air balloons and paragliders in addition to some underwater scenes filmed using remote-operated submersibles.

The campaign will primarily consist of twenty clips, all two minutes long, showing the gems of the countries in the ASEAN, some of which are well-known, others which are relatively obscure. The production of the videos was conducted by TaKanto Virtual Reality. The filmmakers on the projects took more than 60 AirAsia flights across various ASEAN destinations since November 2016 in order to capture the footage used in the campaign.

Ariel Talbi, managing director of TaKanto says of the project, “It is a great privilege and honour for TaKanto to be chosen for such a large-scale production with a top brand like AirAsia. This 360 production was truly an extraordinary experience and we hope it will bring the beauty of ASEAN countries to millions of people. The latest developments in Virtual Reality make it an exceptional marketing tool for brands by offering immersive experiences to their clients. The travel industry is starting to embrace this medium and AirAsia is clearly taking the lead at the moment with this massive 360 production.”

VRFocus will continue to report on new projects utilising VR.

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