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AiSolve Debuts its new Modular Location-Based VR Attraction WePlayVR

The installation uses a backpack-powered HTC Vive.

UK-based virtual reality (VR) content producer AiSolve has launched a new VR attraction to be installed in locations such as shopping centres, arcades, museums and science centres. The new VR platform is called WePlayVR and features a modular design for easier upgrading and maintenance.

The first VR experience to feature on the WePlayVR platform is titled Mayan Adventure, which has been developed exclusively by AiSolve to show off the capabilities of the WePlayVR system. Gameplay of Mayan Adventure involves players donning a HTC Vive headset to search an ancient Mayan Ruin for a golden monkey statue, which is being protected by a dangerous serpent god. The room-scale experience involves players exploring dark virtual tunnels and solving puzzles to discover the secrets of the ruin.

AiSolve designed WePlayVR to be a modular, plug-and-play system that will allow the system to be easily expanded from single player to multiplayer. 4D features such as wind, mist, heat and motion platform technology have also been incorporated into the system for a more immersive experience. The system uses AiSolve’s own in-house AI framework and analytics to capture user data to improve the experiences.

CEO Devi Kolli said in a statement: “What’s unique about the WePlayVR single-player product is the ROI and value experience it generates over a small occupancy of three-by-three square metres. Its clever modular design, with built-in motion floor, offers a comfortable and exciting experience that we’re very proud to offer to the market. Most of the visitors and non-gamers who try Mayan Adventure come back for a second experience and can’t seem to get enough of the thrill it offers. As seasoned virtual reality developers, we can’t ask for a better response to our attraction.”

WePlayVR is scheduled to go live very soon in various locations across the UK, Dubai and the US with more locations still in development.

VRFocus will bring you further new on WePlayVR once it becomes available.

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