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Bank of America Unveils VR Marketing Campaign

New campaign forms part of bid to promote finding of ‘Future Realities’ report on future of business.

Financial giant Bank of America Merrill Lynch are using virtual reality (VR) as part of a bid to promote the findings of its ‘Future Realities’ report on how technology will change the face of business, not just in the USA, but all over the world.

The campaign will begin with a series of private events for Bank of America’s clients, such as corporate investors and small businesses which will be dedicated towards sharing the finding of the report and how these ‘Future realities’ will change business in years to come. The campaign will also include a web site which will contain a 360-degree video experience which is also viewable using Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

The online campaign will be launched on 22nd May 2017 on Bloomberg and Institutional Investor and aims to create something eye-catching that can display the transformative potential of VR. The end goal is to bring the Future Realities report to life. This will mark the first time that Bank of America Merrill Lynch has used VR as part of its marketing.

Nancy Brennan, the Global Head of Marketing for Bank of America Merrill Lynch said of the campaign: “We’ve been talking with our partners for about a year now, watching the developments in artificial reality, and thinking about when it might make sense to venture in. Lots of interesting ideas were tossed around, but this was the first concept that allowed us to be true to the medium and the purpose of the work, which is to educate and inspire. In other words, the medium became part of the message, and the story was better told because of it.”

“Our goal at the firm is to make the complex easier for our clients,” Brennan continued: “Today, with continual change the norm, we try to focus on insights that help them make sense of it all, and propel their businesses forward. This could signal an important shift in the marketing toolkit for our industry — a way to combine storytelling, data visualization and education in an entertaining and insightful way,”

VRFocus will bring you further information on VR marketing campaigns when it becomes available.

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