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Battlezone Out Now for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Rebellion’s offering a 15% launch discount.

After months of waiting Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners will now be able to play Rebellion’s tank-based shooter Battlezone which has officially launched today.

Originally a PlayStation VR day one title, Battlezone puts players in the cockpit of a futuristic tank called the Cobra, taking it into battle against a myriad of opponents, including other small to heavy tanks, minelayers, flying drones and UFO’s. Battlezone is a homage to the original 1980 title by Atari and there’s even an option to recreate the original graphics.

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Featuring both single-player and mutiplayer co-op modes, Battlezone has procedurally generated levels so each play through is different, with maps offering small, medium and large options. There’s also several tanks to chose from with more to be unlocked as players progress. Additionally, there’s a wealth of customisation options available, from decking out the tank in new designs to various weapon loadouts and upgrades for the best destructive capabilities.

For the PC release the studio has optimized Battlezone for Oculus Rift with Touch and HTC Vive, offering new features such as ultra-high resolution textures, customisable super-sampling and higher resolution shadow maps. The title also includes all the updates from the Playstation VR version.

Available on the Oculus Store, Steam and through Rebellion’s own website, for the launch the studio is offering a 15 percent discount for early adopters, dropping the price from £29.99 GBP down to £25.49. Steam lists the discount ending on 18th May, while the Rebellion store has the offer ending on 17th May.

VRFocus reviewed the HTC Vive version of Battlezone, giving the maximum 5-stars, stating: “PlayStation VR owners have been enjoying Battlezone for months, if you own an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive you don’t need to have second thoughts about this, Battlezone is one of the best VR titles out there.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Battlezone, reporting back with the latest updates.

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