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Boom Shake The Room: VRFocus Return To The Mini Worlds of GNOG

A purple boom box poses a puzzling problem in PURP-L.

Those of you who grew up in the 90s might remember the pocket-sized objects that contained a tiny world with miniature characters to play with, such as Mighty Max or Polly Pocket. GNOG takes that concept of interactive dioramas and brings it into the vivid world of virtual reality (VR).

GNOG was announced back in 2015 by developers KO_OP for the PlayStation VR, and its recent release saw it receive some praise from the VRFocus official review.

In the latest gameplay video, Rebecca reutrns to the neon bright world of GNOG to take on another puzzle, this time getting to grips with the PURP-L level. Resembling a retro ‘boom box’ music player, the level is themed around sounds and music. Can Rebecca solve the puzzle and make her way to the next stage? Watch below to find out.

VRFocus will return with more gameplay videos throughout the week. Keep checking back for more.

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