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Burn Rubber On Oculus Rift This Weekend With Free BlazeRush

Arcade-inspired racing game BlazeRush is offering Oculus Rift users a free-to-play weekend on 26th-29th May.

Racing titles tend to work fairly well in virtual reality (VR), so fans of racing videogames who own an Oculus Rift can start their engines as arcade-inspired racing title BlazeRush is available free-to-play this weekend.

BlazeRush was developed by Targem Games, taking inspiration for fast-paced multiplayer racing titles such as Mario Kart and Micro Machines. There are no health bars, no levelling and, most interestingly, no brakes. Players can assemble a team of four friends locally or choose online multiplayer.

There are sixteen cars available along with a variety of different weapons for blowing your opponents right off the sci-fi inspired racetracks. Players can enjoy ramming other players off the road, avoiding obstacles and shooting down enemies. A recent update also added a new game-mode in the form of the American Football-inspired BlazeBowl, which lets players play against each other in teams to bass the ball to each other and shoot for the goal, all the while trying not to get shot up or rammed by the other team.

The title can be played on Oculus Rift using keyboard and mouse, game pad or Oculus Touch. The free weekend will last from 26th-29th May 2017. As an added bonus, BlazeRush will be available for a discount for a limited time from 26th May for players who enjoyed the free weekend play and wish to continue. The title is usually priced at £7.99 (GBP). Further information can be found on the BlazeRush Oculus Store page.

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