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Captivate VR CEO Jason Lovell Joins Jaunt VR

CEO and Founder of Captivate VR has accepted a position at Jaunt VR.

The virtual reality (VR) industry is still in its infancy by many metrics. Commercial VR has only existed for just over a year, and so many of the new businesses and start-ups will not survive the difficult process of growing up. Large businesses will also see challenges as they adapt to the new markets. As such, its expected to see a game of musical chairs happening with notable industry names moving from one company to another to seek new challenges. As seems to be the case with Jason Lovell.

Lovell was the founder and CEO of Captivate VR, a VR and augmented reality (AR) consultancy firm that focuses on providing expert knowledge to firms aiming to join the VR/AR sector and provided knowledge on how AR and VR technologies could be used to improve businesses. Prior to that Lovell also worked for Samsung as a Senior Product Manager for its Wearables and VR sector.

While Lovell seems to be retaining his position at CEO of Captivate VR, he has also accepted a position with Jaunt VR as Director of Brand Partnerships. Jaunt VR specialises in producing 360-degree videos and experiences which can be viewed either through the Jaunt VR app using a mobile VR device such as Google Cardboard, or through the Jaunt VR website. Speaking of his new position on LinkedIn, Lovell said: “After many years in consumer electronics, including with managing VR, wearables and SmartThings for Samsung UK, I decided to follow my passion for immersive technology by starting Captivate – an expert VR and AR consultancy focused on helping businesses of all sizes and sectors truly understand how the incredible power of virtual and augmented reality can be harnessed to create tangible and lasting business benefits. I’ve now very excited and proud to have joined Jaunt VR as their Director of Brand Partnerships for EMEA.

“My belief is that VR & AR are the most exciting technological innovations to come along for many years, and they have the potential to have a profound impact on the world around us in years to come. They present immensely exciting potential opportunities and benefits, and hence i’m excited to be dedicating my career to its future.”

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