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The Wizards screenshot

Carbon Studio’s The Wizards Coming to Steam Early Access this Summer

A new trailer for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift title has been revealed.

At the beginning of the year Carbon Studio, the team behind ALICE VR, announced its followup virtual reality (VR) project The Wizards. Today the studio has unveiled the first gameplay trailer for the title, as well as confirming a launch window.

The Wizards will be coming to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and Touch this summer via Steam Early Access. Currently it’s still to early to tell how long the title will be in early access or what features will be include for the initial release.


Specifically designed for motion controls, The Wizards is a spellcasting experience in which players step into the shoes of a young sorcerer who must defend the realm from legions of rampaging monsters. Solely single-player, The Wizards allows a player to cast all sorts of elemental spells, from lightning bolts to fireballs, alongside defensive spells like a shield.

The Wizards features several different options to alter the gameplay experience. A PvE mode allows players to practice their magical skills against waves of enemies before heading into the campaign. Fate Cards change the videogame, making it easier or harder as the player wishes, with corresponding changes to reward values. And online scoreboards are included so everyone can share their spell wielding results.

Below is the first gameplay trailer for The Wizards, giving a small intro into the story before showcasing the action Carbon Studio’s has planned. Set in a rich fantasy world, there’s the castle players will call home, with all manner of books and artifacts to aid in teaching the ways of the mystic arts. Some of the enemies currently shown look like the usual mix of creatures, such as Orcs and goblins, with more likely to be revealed closer to launch.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of The Wizards, reporting back with further updates.

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