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Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal Reveals his Thoughts on VR

Blumenthal discusses the needs for VR to become a social experience.

Food scientist, celebrity chef and creator of esoteric food dishes Heston Blumenthal has expressed his opinions on virtual reality (VR) and what it will mean for the future of human interaction.

In an interview with The Drum, Blumenthal discussed his history with challenging and exploring the established ‘rules’ with regards to cooking and the role that new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and VR could play for chefs and foodies in the future.

“The big thing that VR doesn’t do at the moment is it doesn’t take into consideration the interaction of a group of people. I think it really has massive implications if we combine the technology with human being, touchy-feely senses. No one has really looked at that yet, and for me it presents an amazing opportunity,” Blumenthal said.

He also commented on how VR could offer dining experiences in locations other than the room they are in, and the technology could also potentially help people who suffered from social anxiety or a lack of confidence on social settings, and could even help people who suffered from eating disorders.

“They can be confident that they are in the moment but they know nothing bad can happen to them. You can get them into a situation where they are not going to be scared,” he added.

Blumenthal shares the belief expressed by other critics and analysts that VR needs to develop into a truly social experience before it can truly enter the mainstream, and that the development of shared VR spaces is crucial for this to happen.

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