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Create 360-Degree Videos From 2D Images with Imverse Software

Software set to be revealed at the World VR Forum in Switzerland will allow 2D images to becomes VR experiences.

A company in Switzerland named Imverse has created a software suite that will allow anyone to take a 360-degree 2D image and turn it into a 3D virtual reality (VR) experience.

Three things are all that is required to create a VR environment with the new Imverse software; a 360-degree 2D image, which can be taken with any commercial camera, a pair of off-the-shelf VR glasses and the Imverse software. The software then functions much like most photo-editing software, allowing the user to explore and modify the created environment.

CEO of Imverse, Javier Bello Ruiz, is aiming at real-estate agencies and advertisers, suggesting that the software is perfect for advertising things such as housing: “Take a real-estate agent who wants to sell a house that’s in need of a little work. The seller could show a prospective buyer the end result by modeling the house in 3-D using a 360-degree photo and then modifying the interior in real time – even collaboratively together inside the virtual environment – suggesting various options that the buyer could tweak freely using the virtual-reality glasses.”

The software is designed to be simple enough that non-experts can use it with little training in order to save companies time and money: “Just like with photo editing software, all you need is a little training to begin developing interactive content,” said Javier. Project engineers are already working on upgrades to the software to include features like full-body tracking.

The software will be formally unveiled at the World VR Forum in Crans-Montana, Switzerland from 11th-14th May. The company is hoping to have licences available for commercial users next year.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on Imverse and other commercial VR projects.

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