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Death is Only the Beginning Leads to a Virtual Awakening

Nina reviews a VR art piece by Jose Montemayor.

Virtual reality (VR) can be utilised for any number of different ideas and needs. While the videogame industry dominates, pushing mainstream adoption, artists are finding news ways of creating immersive, though provoking installations using VR as the gateway inside. VRFocus’ Nina got to try one of these recently, a piece by Jose Montemayor and Virtual Awakening called Death is Only the Beginning.

The project is Virtual Awakening’s first completed VR experience, that’s been heading to exhibitions using an Oculus Rift. Death is Only the Beginning uses 360-degree photography and video to take the viewer through a conceptualized near death experience (NDE).

As the creators explain on their website: “The aim of “Death is only the Beginning” is to conceptualize this experience to evoke awareness towards this spiritual phenomena and to use Virtual Reality as an empathy machine and confront the viewer with a broader understanding of the current global crisis in a reflective manner.”

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