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Edge-MT Reveals VR Application for Elevator Manufacturer KONE Israel

The app highlight’s KONE’s strengths.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) developer Edge-MT has announced the development of a VR application for KONE Israel, an elevator and escalator manufacturer.

Created by Edge-MT together with Shahar Barkai, a marketing and consumer engagement expert, the app is a promotional piece for KONE, with viewers entering a virtual elevator that climbs over 100 floors. During the climb, various messages are projected to the viewer reflecting KONE’s strengths. Bright light enters the elevator from above, and on arriving at the top floor the elevator continues to rise, hovering in the air above the Earth.


After which the elevator slowly descends, approaching the Earth rotating beneath it. After a slight drop, the elevator begins moving forward and on Earth’s surface high-rise buildings and towers, in which the company has conducted projects (in Israel and worldwide), begin appearing. The viewer sees a caption on each building with information about the project and the elevators. At the same time, other elevators emerge from various buildings and begin floating in the air.

“Virtual reality is an excellent way to demonstrate our capabilities and achievements,” said Keren Erez, Marketing Manager at KONE Israel. “The virtual reality application was showcased in one of Israel’s largest real estate conferences. We received excellent feedback from potential buyers, including contractors, project managers, real estate developers, engineers and more. We intend to use it in various additional events.”

“Virtual reality is an ideal technology to deliver real-life experience in various industries, including real estate,” said Liron Zuckerman, CEO of Edge-MT. “Users feel like they are really hovering in a real elevator above towers and high-rise buildings, and this is an excellent way to deliver them the relevant messages while attracting their attention and engaging them in an immersive experience.”

Companies and brands are starting to utilise VR in more promotional ways, as they do, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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