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Occipital Bridge

Ex Jaunt Director Heads to Robot Sea Monster Games, Studio Announces MR Title Refraction

Refraction’s being developed for iOS MR headset Occipital Bridge.

Today casual mobile videogame developer Robot Sea Monster Games has announced that Daniel Burwen, former Director of Experience at Jaunt VR has joined the team as creative director. The studio also revealed its first mixed reality (MR) project, Refraction coming to iOS.

The new creative director brings many years experience to the role: “I am excited to move back into the game engine/interactive side of virtual.mixed reality,” said Burwen in a statement. “My roots are in video games and environment art, so it is only natural my path would take me this way. I’m excited to see my ideas for new stores and worlds evolve into new platforms like mixed reality, a reminder that good stories can work across any platform.”

Occipital Bridge - Stonehenge

“The last three years of building the Robot Sea Monster Games team has been a delight. We brought on David Christensen from Ubisoft to be our AAA mobile games creative director, and he’s been taking the team to new levels. It’s gratifying to see the quality of work he is leading the team to,” said CEO Josh Rose. “We opened this year eager to start moving into new modes of interaction. AR, VR and mixed reality gameplay and storytelling were top on our list of new experiences to create. It is therefore, with great pleasure, that I can announce the newest Creative Director addition to our team, Daniel Burwen, formerly of Jaunt VR.”

“I first met Dan when he was working on creating the format that we have come to see as standard in touch pad animated comic books. He was exploring storytelling in this new medium right at the beginning, before there were tools and templates to work with. What he made was the award-winning series Operation: Ajax. Dan’s experience in story and how to create immersion across many mediums is going to make him a valuable addition to the team as we head into a future of mixed reality projects.”

While Refraction is a launch title for the new MR headset for iOS, Occipital Bridge. It’s a 2D graphic novel where the player sees their own environment transformed into a fantasy world.

As further details on Refraction VRFocusare released will keep you updated.

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