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The Peoples House Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama

Felix & Paul Studios’ The People’s House Debuts at Tribeca Film Festival

The full experience is now available through Oculus Video.

In January Oculus and 360-degree content developer Felix & Paul Studios announced the release of The People’s House: Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama just prior to the end of the president’s second term. This was in fact just a preview, with the full experience recently debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Filmed over five days during November and December 2016, the former President and First Lady take audiences on an intimate tour of the White House, guiding them through the halls of this iconic building.

“This house belongs to you, and to every American. For eight years – just a short chapter in the long story of our democracy – my family had the privilege of calling the White House home, says former President Barack Obama in the documentary. “Beneath that roof resides not just a seat of government, of course, but also a living museum, a home to history, and a working office building,”

The Peoples House Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama_1

The immersive documentary is now 22-minutes in length and contains additional personal moments with the President and Mrs. Obama, and also includes scenes in the private residence.

“Our goal for this unique VR experience was to document this incredible space and the history that it encapsulates, in a very specific moment in time, and preserve it for future generations,” said Felix Lajeunesse, co-founder and creative director of Felix & Paul Studios. “We are so grateful that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were able to layer in their personal memories in addition to historic references to contextualize the rooms that are indelibly imprinted on so many minds across the world.”

“‘The People’s House allows anyone to step into the rooms of the White House and hear from the Obamas about their time in the residence,’” said Colum Slevin, Head of Experiences, Oculus. “Virtual reality gives us the unique opportunity to transport our audience to moments in history, and we’re delighted this experience has helped preserve the White House for generations to come.”

The People’s House: Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama is available today on the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift  through Oculus Video. It’s also viewable as a Facebook 360 video.

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