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Fenix Fire On Their Plans To Make Osiris: New Dawn’s An Unrelenting VR Experience

The space game isn’t on VR yet, but the developers have plans – and an interesting historical tie to Oculus.

There are games that are easy, there are games that are hard. Then there are games that are unrelenting and make little to no apologies for it.  Fenix Fire’s CEO and Creative Director Brian McRae makes no bones about how his studio’s sci-fi videogame Osiris: New Dawn is in that category. Simply saying that “Anything and everything wants you dead.”

Whilst not a virtual reality (VR) title yet, McRae speaks to VRFocus‘s Nina Salomons about the studios plans to bring the space adventure into VR as well as his own personal history with the medium – including an interesting chapter of Oculus VR’s early days.  You can find out what in the inteview below.

You can find more interviews on the VRFocus YouTube channel, as well as the latest edition of our weekly show VRTV.

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