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Former VP Of General Electric Joins Vuzix As New COO

Paul Boris, previously Vice President of General Electric Digital has been hired as new Chief Operating Officer of Vuzix.

Provider of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) products such as the M300 Smart glasses, Vuzix, are a company determined to raise their profile. As such, they have recently recruited a new Chief Operating Officer in Paul Boris, formerly of GE Digital.

Boris previously worked in various roles at General Electric, mostly occupying leadership positions and overseeing manufacturing and operations strategy. He also served as director at the National Association of Manufacturers, the largest industrial trade association in the USA. Most recently, Boris had taken on the role of working with General Electric’s partner companies to accelerate to innovate and increase productivity using digital technology.


“Paul Boris has been an active and contributing member of the Vuzix Board of Directors for the past year and I’ve known Paul for several years dating back to his time as an executive at SAP,” said Paul J Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix. “As Vuzix business continues to expand the importance of adding a seasoned and well respected sales and manufacturing executive became paramount and to that end, I am excited to announce Paul Boris as our Chief Operating Officer. Vuzix looks forward to leveraging Mr. Boris’s unique skill set and leadership abilities to help carry Vuzix to the next level of excellence as an industry leader in augmented reality and wearable display technology.”

On his new position within Vuzix, Boris had this to say: “Vuzix is in a position to help drive the digital transformation that is starting to accelerate for manufacturers, field engineering services and any number of use cases where data-driven decisions and real-time support are critical to effective operations and a successful outcome. By being the solution closest to the operator or technician, the eyepiece, Vuzix is a critical component of the digital thread that is emerging.”

Boris continued: “I am excited to join a proven and innovative team to help drive Augmented Reality and smart glasses solutions that can produce the largest impact in the shortest possible time. The market is ripe for disruption and we intend to be at the leading edge.”

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