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Game Cooks Confirm Launch Date for Vindicta

The FPS will launch on the HTC Vive first.

The development team at Game Cooks have announced that upcoming HTC Vive first-person shooter Vindicta will be launching on 20th June, 2017. The company will also be at E3 to demo the title ahead of the launch.

The title will be released on to Steam Early Access with support for the HTC Vive, though the developers are hoping to be able to release an Oculus Rift version later on, along with other additional features such as multi-player support, leaderboards, new enemy types and additional weapons.

The plot of Vindicta involves the player taking the role of Agent V, who has been sent to infiltrate the fortified headquarters of the sinister UB Industries, who are seeking to build a robot army in an attempt to take over the world. A whole variety of robots face the player, from the expected humanoid robot to big mechanical spiders, all of which need to be taken out so UB Industries plan can be foiled.

The gameplay has been designed so that stealth, dodging and tactical movement such as finding cover are important skills when making your way through the UB Industries base. A variety of weapons are available, with the standard handgun, through the high-powered rifles up to cluster grenades.

As the title will be going in to Early Access, the development team at Game Cooks are keen to engage with the community to improve the experience, encouraging players to share their thoughts and suggestions with the development team through Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

It has not yet been revealed what price Vindicta will be on launch, but the creators have confirmed that the price will remain the same for Early Access and full release. Further information can be found on the official Steam page.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Vindicta and other Steam Early Access VR titles when it becomes available.

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