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Gameplay: Statik #2 – Fiendish Puzzles And Robot Rhumbas

“Behold… The Voyeur!”

Readers of VRFocus will have likely seen recent reviews for both GNOG and Statik by VRFocus writer Rebecca Hills-Duty on the site. We’ll be covering both games this weekend starting with the latter, and you might have seen Rebecca take on the puzzler from Tarsier Studios for PlayStation VR earlier in the week. But the devious puzzle boxes do not stop there and Rebecca is back to once more have her hands encased in scientific gizmos for the voyeuristic delight of the scientist Dr Ingen.

That description is oddly approrpiate on this occasion since in this part Ingen is quick to introduce his “most wonderful invention to date” called The Voyeur, which is essentially a camera strapped to the top of a roomba. Whilst that doesn’t sound to impressive you’ll see Rebecca soon finds controlling the little remote control robot is vital for her completing her task – as well as starts off some pretty funky music. A roomba robot rhumba, perhaps?

Which PlayStation VR games would you like to see the team take on? Let us know in the comments. VRFocus will be back tomorrow with another gameplay video.

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