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vTime Gestures

Get Emotional with vTime’s vMotes for Oculus Rift and Gear VR Touchpad

Wave, give a thumbs up, or even blow a kiss with the new vMotes.

This week social virtual reality (VR) app vTime has rolled out several new updates, adding wider support for its vMotes system, the vTime Mini-Menu, and a new destination called The Retreat. 

When the new Samsung Gear VR controller arrived last month vTime added vMotes to the headsets, allowing users to express themselves in numerous ways. These include: Wave, OK, Thumbs Up, Shrug, Clap, Thumbs Down, Peace, Devil Horns, Salute, Hands Up, Celebrate, Hug, Blow Kiss, Love (heart hands), Happy Dance and Robot Dance. Now the Oculus Rift and Gear VR users who don’t have the new controller can also access these gestures.


A new mini-menu has been included, giving quicker access to the most-used social functions without having to visit the Connections Screen. This is activated by pressing the touchpad while pointing at another user, bringing up options like Add Friend/Unfriend, Block/Unblock, Kick, Make Host, and vText.

Additionally, those looking for a nice relaxing setting to socialise in can head to The Retreat, a Japanese blossom garden. Inspired by Japanese temples and Zen gardens, users will be sat underneath a pagoda with a babbling brook and the gentle sounds of wind chimes in the air.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of vTime, reporting back with the latest updates to the social app.

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