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Guild Software Discuss the Finer Details of its Online Space Adventure Vendetta Online

The title features cross-platform support for Gear VR and Google Daydream.

Guild Software’s sprawling space-based MMORPG Vendetta Online has been available for quite some time, with the title originally integrating with the Oculus Rift DK1 and then the DK2. Then in late 2016 the studio added support for Samsung Gear VR before bringing the videogame to Google Daydream just over a month ago. VRFocus managed to catch up with Guild Software’s CEO and founder, John Bergman to discuss the title.

As a MMORPG, Vendetta Online gives you the ability to create your own character and roam the stars however you choose, whether that’s as hero fighting the good fight or a criminal looking to loot the next unsuspecting space traveller.

A completely multiplayer experience, Vendetta Online features entire cross-platform support whether that’s in VR or on mobile or PC. While some versions work on a subscription model the Gear VR version for example costs £2.29 GBP with optional purchases to accelerate or unlock certain benefits.

In a wide ranging conversation Bergman goes into detail about Vendetta Online’s VR implementation and the studio’s plans for the future (the interview was conducted prior to the Daydream launch), as well as VR in general.

Checkout the full video chat VRFocus had with the CEO below, and for further updates on the videogame, stay tuned.

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