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Half-Life 2 art

Half Life 2: VR Mod Meets Greenlight Goal

Mod team extend their thanks to those who voted and those who provided coverage.

When Half-Life 2 launched it was one of the turning points for the genre of first-person shooters (FPS). It’s one of the most respected games ever made and still has a very active fanbase. As such, it comes as no particular surprise that the Steam community bestowed its approval upon an attempt to make the title into a virtual reality (VR) experience.

A small group of fans with no affiliation to Valve have been working on a way to bring Half-Life 2 into VR since 2013, and in fact a version of the mod was available for the Oculus DK1 with support for Razer Hydra controllers, but since so much has changed in the VR sphere since then, the group elected to take a chance on the Greenlight process.

It took a grand total of four days for the project to receive enough votes to pass the Greenlight process and be approved. The mod team were very happy as the news, announcing on the Steam Page: “The whole team offers their heartfelt thanks to the ~15,769 wonderful people who have voted for us at the time of writing! The 95% yes rate and all the positive comments have given us many warm fuzzies over the last couple of days and kept us on the front page of the Steam community and the Half-Life 2 page.”

Half-Life 2 - VR screenshot 2

In addition, the team said that having the project on Steam would make the mod easier to develop and publish, but they also pointed out that they were all volunteers and as such couldn’t as of yet give a definite release date beyond ‘soon’. The team also said they were still seeking talented people with experience in programming or graphics, and encouraged such people to make themselves known to the team via Reddit or the Steam Greenlight page.

It is hoped that some gameplay footage and new screenshots will be made available soon, but in the mean time offer an image gallery to whet the appetite of fans.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on further Half-Life 2 VR mod progress.

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