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Townsmen VR screenshot

HandyGames Release Early Preview Trailer for Townsmen VR

Will you be a benevolent or vengeful god?

German developer HandyGames, the studio behind Gear VR titles Hidden Temple – VR Adventure and Stunt Kite Masters VR, has released an early preview video for its next virtual reality (VR) project Townsmen VR.

Townsmen VR is an immersive version of HandyGames’ world building strategy title Townsmen, which launch on mobile and PC last year. Players start with a tiny village and through mining ore, harvesting crops and collecting taxes they be able to grow their world into a grand medieval empire.

Townsmen VR screenshot 2

The VR version looks to be pretty much the same sort of scenario, with a village located on a floating island that needs constant maintenance and care to thrive. Essentially a god-game, players will be able in pick up the tiny inhabitants and put them to work constructing new buildings, hunting animals, mining resources, or simply fling them off the edge. They also be able to control the elements, with the video showcasing dark rain clouds that can be grabbed and squeezed to produce lightning, giving the villagers a shock.

Currently HandyGames hasn’t confirmed which head-mounted displays (HMDs) will support Townsmen VR, but looking at the motion controls in the trailer it’s a good bet that HTC Vive and possibly Oculus Touch will both be included.

For further updates on Townsmen VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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