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Farpoint plus Aim Controller PSVR

Here’s All the Games You Can Play with Your New PlayStation Aim Controller

Picking up the PlayStation Aim controller today? Farpoint isn’t the only videogame you can play…

The highly-anticipated Farpoint is launching exclusively for PlayStation VR today, and is compatible with a brand new accessory: the PlayStation Aim controller. A bundle including the PlayStation Aim and Farpoint is available, but there’s more to this new device than just one videogame.

The Brookhaven Experiment

The Brookhaven Experiment screenshot

An update to introduce support for the Aim controller is coming on 6th June, 2017 to this horror shooter title from Phosphor Studio. The Brookhaven Experiment was previously a HTC Vive exclusive before being ported to PlayStation VR with some changes, including implementing more realistic graphics and simplifying the inventory and loudout system.

Dick Wilde

dick wilde 3

First-person wave shooter Dick Wilde features a whole array of strange weaponry, such as nail gun, paintball guns and harpoon rifles, all of which will be made compatible with the Aim controller in a future update along with the other two-handed weapons to make shooting alligators and piranha easier.

Arizona Sunshine

ArizonaSunshine_PSGamepage (6)

Airzona Sunshine is one of the most popular VR first-person shooters available on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Featuring the zombie apocalypse and a desperate struggle to survive in the harsh desert conditions, this title will also feature support for the Aim controller when it comes to PlayStation VR in June 2017. Using the Aim controller limits players to a single weapon, but by recompense, accuracy is much increased.

Rom: Extraction

ROM Extraction screenshot 7

Fast-paced action shooter Rom: Extraction has a unique feature where instead us using a standard arsenal of guns, players instead throw orbs that have two potential functions: igniting the orbs to attain kills, or activating an effect that slows down time allowing the players to strategically pick off targets. The Aim controller will effectively act as an orb launcher. Rom: Extraction will be coming to PlayStation VR sometime in summer.

VRFocus will bring you further information on when Aim Controller support is introduced and what other titles will support the Aim controller as that information becomes available.

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