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High Clear Hopes to Bring Badminton To VR

Badminton VR title is up on Steam Greenlight hoping to come to HTC Vive.

Despite being an Olympic sport, and a popular one all over the world, Badminton has not received much attention in the world of videogames. Indie developer FiveStarGames wishes to change that with High Clear VR.

FiveStarGames has submitted High Clear VR to the Steam Greenlight process. The title is planned to be a Badminton sports simulator for the HTC Vive, using the Vive motion controllers as the racquets. There are two modes planned, a more realistic Match mode, and the casual Funny mode with mini games such as trying to hit a dartboard with a shuttlecock.

For those not familiar with Badminton, the sport is similar to Tennis, but instead of a ball, an object called a shuttlecock is used; which was traditionally a small rounded piece of rubber and cork fitted with feathers so it would ‘fly’ smoothly, though these days plastic versions are more common. Badminton is quite fast-paced and unlike Tennis is designed to be played indoors with much lighter racquets, which makes the motion easier to simulate using lightweight motion controllers.

High Clear VR uses realistic physics to simulate the motion of the shuttlecock and allow for advanced badminton strokes such as smashes, clears and drops. The developers hope to implement multiplayer so players can compete against each other. It’s not yet been confirmed if this mode will be confined to singles matches or if doubles will be allowed, also. Single-player is planned to have a ranking system that players can advance through as their skills develop.

Further information is available on the High Clear VR Greenlight page.

VRFocus will bring you further information on High Clear VR and other VR Greenlight projects as it becomes available.

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