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Vive Financing offer

HTC Vive Financing Offers UK Customers Headset for £35 a Month

This includes two free titles and there’s the free Viveport Subscription offer to.

Getting into high-end virtual reality (VR) isn’t necessarily cheap, with headsets costing hundreds of pounds and the PC’s needing to power them equally pricey. Manufacturers realise this, launching several bundle deals over the past year to make entry into the technology easier. Today HTC Vive has announced a new financing deal for UK customers that’ll allow them to buy the headset for £35 GBP per month.

HTC Vive will be offering customers 9.9% financing over 24 months, with no deposit required, for a total monthly cost of £34.84 (plus shipping). Each purchase comes with two pieces of content, Richie’s Plank Experience and Everest VR, plus they’ll also be able signup for one month’s free access to Viveport Subscription, so they can pick five monthly selections from a specially curated collection of VR titles.

HTC Vive hardware render

The financing option is located on the billing page upon check out via the HTC Vive website.

For those that already have the headset, the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is set to launch globally on 6th June 2017, retailing for $99.99 USD/ €119.99 EUR, £99.99. Benefits of the device include a much tidier cable layout, integrated headphones (reducing cables) and a quick fasten and release system.

HTC Vive will be rolling out the financing deal to additional European countries soon, so keep reading VRFocus for further updates.

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