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Hungry Shark VR Out Now on Google Daydream

New entry in Hungry Shark series comes to VR for Google Daydream platform.

Ever been watching Jaws and sympathise more with the shark than the human characters? Well, Hungry Shark VR might just be the videogame you have been waiting for. Hungry Shark VR is the seventh game to be released in the successful mobile videogame series and it is coming to Google Daydream.

The player is put in the role of a shark, starting out as a bull shark, but with a total of five shark species available later on, all of which have their own unique characteristics. Set in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, players have three missions to available to complete: Eat, Checkpoint Race and Rescue. Eat is, as the name, suggests, a mode where players must direct their shark to eat a certain number of things within a time limit, Checkpoint race requires players to race through a number of checkpoints before time runs out and Rescue challenges players to rescue trapped fellow sharks from cages.

Hungry Shark VR also features two new modes. A Sandbox exploration mode where players can swim through the underwater world with nothing threatening them. In Play mode, players need to rescue some fellow sharks while menaced by an array of dangerous marine creatures.

“Future Games of London is incredibly excited to announce that we’re working with Daydream to bring the Hungry Shark experience to VR,” said Ian Harper, Managing Director, Future Games of London, a Ubisoft Studio. “The Daydream platform enables us to create high quality VR visuals and bring innovative motion based controls to Hungry Shark fans.”

The title has been built using the Unity 3D mobile engine, and uses the Daydream View controller to navigate through the underwater world, boost their speed and do stunts such as flips.

A trailer for Hungry Shark VR can be viewed below.

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