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Inuitive Reveal Reference Design With Wide Field of View

Inuitive unveil Veronica a reference design for VR and AR headsets, smart glasses and drones.

Inuitive are a developer of 3D vision and image processing technologies who have announced their latest reference design, titled Veronica. Designed with a small form factor that can fit into most virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs), smart glasses or drones, Veronica offers a 120×90 degree field of view, greater than the current standard of 60 degrees.

The Veronica is capable of inside-out tracking, SLAM-based navigation and offers a standard frame rate of 120fps. The Veronica uses Intuitive’s NU3000 multi-core processor, which has been optimised for depth-sensing and 3D image processing and is capable of interfacing with multiple cameras; two for stereo depth sources and others for RGB or tracking purposes. The device can also process multiple streams of video in real time to create a high-quality image.

“The Veronica addresses the need to both ‘see’ the surroundings and ‘understand’ it with advanced 3D depth sensing capabilities,” said Shlomo Gadot, CEO and Co-Founder of Inuitive. “As the demand for high quality, high performing VR/AR technology grows, Inuitive’s products will continue to meet that demand and deliver an optimum user experience for its customers.”

The aim of the Veronica is to enable shorter calibration and alignment time so users can get to work quicker. The NU3000 processor that powers the device combines dedicated hardware acceleration with vector DSPs to allow for more power efficiency when dealing with VR footage that has the wider and deeper depth of field permitted by the Veronica technology.

Improvements in vision technology for augmented reality (AR and VR are happening rapidly, with several companies aiming to advance the technology that is currently on offer for VR and AR users.

VRFocus will continue to report on advances in VR and AR technology.

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