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Japanese Launch of Kaiji VR: Steel Beam Crossing of Despair Delayed

The PlayStation VR title should now be arriving in July.

Solid Sphere, the Japanese developer working on Kaiji VR: Steel Beam Crossing of Despair has announced a delay in the videogame’s launch to July 2017.

In a statement on the studio’s website the team state: “Although Kaiji VR: Steel Beam Crossing of Despair which was scheduled to be released in February 2017, it was decided to postpone the release date to July 2017 due to various circumstances. We
sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you and other concerned, beginning with customers.”

“In addition, we will inform you about the official release date, price etc etc at a later release.”

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Originally announced back in October 2016, Kaiji VR: Steel Beam Crossing of Despair is based on a Kaiji manga series by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, tasks players with walking along the beam with characters from the series including Kaiji, Sahara, and Ishida. The steel beam crossing comes from the “Castle of Despair” story arc and popular scenes from the original manga are also said to be included.

At present there’s still no confirmation of a wider release outside of Japan, but with Japanese content always being fairly popular with western players there’s always a possibility.

When Solid Sphere releases further information on Kaiji VR: Steel Beam Crossing of Despair, VRFocus will report back.

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