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Kings Dominion Theme Park Introduces Competitive AR App

Virginia theme park lets visitors compete against each other in AR in the Battle for Kings Dominion.

The Kings Dominion theme park in Virginia has introduced a new augmented reality (AR) videogaming app that allows visitors to compete against each other to take control of the park by taking part in various activities, both in the app and in the park.

Titled The Battle of Kings Dominion, visitors can join a team themed after one of the park’s main roller coasters, such as Dominator, Avalanche or Flight of Fear then compete against other team by earning points, which can be acquired by playing games within the app, taking part in AR activities in the ride queues or simply riding the coasters.

“We are excited to introduce our guests to an entirely new digital layer of the park experience,” said Gary Chadwick, Kings Dominion’s Vice President and General Manager. “Being able to gamify the park through the Battle for Kings Dominion, from interactive queue lines and midways to the personification of rides, will make for an even more engaging day.”

“Extended Experiences are the future of entertainment,” explains Amy Steele, VP of Development at Holovis, the app developers. “This is where every element is connected together allowing guests to discover hidden narratives and gamify what are traditionally passive moments. They can even continue to customize their Coaster Alliance avatar from home as people prepare for their next visit.”

The Battle for Kings Dominion app was launched on 19th May 2017 and is available for both Apple and android devices. To allow for easier play, Kings Dominion has installed free wi-fi throughout the park. Further information can be found at the official Kings Dominion website. A video trailer for the app is available to view below.

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