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Korean Publisher VRotein Launches 5 Gear VR Titles

They are Slice & Dice, Kingdom Watcher, Ttoring Wars, Cranga and Shooting Nightmare.

Asian studio’s are fairly prolific in the virtual reality (VR) field – Oasis Games for example has published four titles for PlayStation VR – and this week VRotein continues that trend by launching five videogames for Samsung Gear VR.

All arriving on the same day, those titles are: Slice & Dice, Kingdom Watcher, Ttoring Wars, Cranga and Shooting Nightmare. Cranga is probably the most well known of the bunch, having arrived in December 2016 for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch. This is based on the classic block moving Jenga game, instead this time it’s giant shipping containers that have to be moved delicately, with certain ones having different attributes to increase the challenge.

Kingdom Watch screenshot

Slice & Dice is a puzzle title where players have to manoeuvre a dice to a goal by altering the world around it. This is achieved by manipulating various objects located around the dice with the Slice gun. This has three functions, Single Slice cuts through a single cube, the Multi Slice cuts through multiple cubes and finally the Explosive Slice that completely destroys the cube. The  cubes also have different physical characteristics like the Heavy, Titan, Time and Ice Cubes. Many other obstacles will appear throughout the levels that will attempt to hinder players progress.

Kingdom Watcher is a tower defence shooter created by Subdream Studios. Players sit in a tower from where they can fire arrows at build locations to create defenses. After they’ve been built, upgrades can be added to improve their destructive capabilities. Players can also directly attack enemies with their bow and arrow to ensure success.

TToring Wars is a player vs player sport similar to dodgeball. Armed with a selection of balls, players throw them at their opponent to try and stun them to win or by sending more balls than the opponent after the time runs out. Whilst doing this, they must also watch out for incoming balls, jumping or dashing out of the way.

Lastly there’s Shooting Nightmare, an arcade style wave shooter with a voxel-based design. Players have three upgradable guns to choose from, and there are global leaderboards to compare scores.

VRotein also plans to bring all five videogames to Google Daydream, but the publisher hasn’t yet confirmed when that’ll happen.

Checkout the trailers below and for further updates on the latest Gear VR releases, keep reading VRFocus.

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