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Luden.io’s Mobile Adventure InMind 2 Comes to Gear VR

InMind 2 is available through the Gallery Apps section of the store.

Last year Russian developer Luden.io released InMind 2 for iOS and Android, after which support then expanded to Google Daydream, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Now Samsung Gear VR users can head into this virtual reality (VR) adventure of the mind.

InMind 2 follows the story of a boy named John, exploring the chemistry governing human emotions, as players guide John through his life making decisions that will steer him to achieve certain goals and not others. These will come as key moments that’ll effect the path of the story, unlocking new interests and relations to help John grow into and through adulthood. As in life, John’s future isn’t fixed and players can choose to let him grow up to be an astronaut, a famous actor, an athlete, or any of the other possibilities available.

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“We are glad to present our product for users of this popular platform,” said Oleg Chumakov, CEO of Luden.io in a statement. “Our primary purpose is to create games that can mix fun and satisfying of the curiosity [sic]. InMind2 is the product that entertains, engages, and enlightens”

Developed in edutainment style, InMind 2 is all about how the brain makes decisions, and how with the help of hormones it awards or punishes us for these decisions.

This is somewhat different to Luden.io’s latest VR title VRobot, a far more action oriented experience. Here players are tasked with one objective, destroy as much of a particular city as possible, as quickly as possible.

InMind 2 can be found on the Oculus Store for £2.29 GBP. For any further updates from Luden.io, keep reading VRFocus.

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