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Update: Matterport Unveils New 134 Megapixel All-In-One Camera

New Pro2 camera is capable of 4K 2D imaging or high-quality 3D and VR capture.

Media technology company Matterport have announced the release of the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera aimed at the real estate market. The new camera is capable of 4K 2D photography as well as capturing 3D and virtual reality (VR) walkthroughs and floorplans.

The Pro2 camera is a 134 megapixel device that features built-in GPS technology for automatic location tagging. The Pro2 also interfaces with the existing Matterport Cloud technology so users have a simple platform for image capture and distribution.

“The Pro2 is a breakthrough solution for anyone who needs to convey what it’s like to be in a space using multiple online and offline channels,” said Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport. “Never before has there been an all-in-one camera that generates print-quality photography, high-quality digital images, a full-color 3D interactive floor plan, an immersive 3D/VR experience, and more, from one device and one visit to the property. And best of all, it’s incredibly easy to use.”

Matterport say that the Pro2 and Cloud system working together is ‘push button simple’ for the user to capture and distribute high-quality 2D or 3D images. The Pro2 camera interfaces with an iPad capture app for direct control of the Pro2 camera. The Pro2 is capable of capturing an entire property in to a 3D model that can be stored online for users to capture particular shots for later use without needing to revisit the properly.

“As real estate professionals, we must embrace technology to stay competitive. By providing both traditional and innovative visual assets from one device, Matterport helps to bridge the gap and be a one stop shop,” said John De Souza, President at Cressy & Everett Real Estate. “Matterport has helped my team win listings and reach more buyers, and is a must-have for anyone in the real estate industry.”

The Matterport Pro2 camera is available for pre-order from the Matterport website for $3,995 (USD) and is expected to begin shipping on 15th June, 2017.

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Update: Headline incorrectly stated the Pro2 camera was 124 megapixels. This has now been corrected to 134 megapixels.

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