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Moving Photos Go From Magic To Reality With Prynt

Harry Potter-style moving photos are possible with augmented reality.

There are plenty of ways to save your photos for posterity; you can print them on a home printer, get the professionally printed using several services online or on the high street, or buy a tiny printer that will connect to your smartphone such as Prynt’s device, the Prynt Pocket. But what if those printed photos could also move? Well, with augmented reality, they can.

What was previously reserved for the realm of the Harry Potter universe becomes a reality using the process developed by tech start-up Prynt. When a photo is selected from a smartphone to print, a short video clip can also be associated with it and uploaded to the cloud. Then, whenever the user, or anyone else with a smartphone equipped with the Prynt smartphone app, views the image through their smartphone camera, the videoclip with be overlaid on the photo using AR. Users will receive a notification whenever anyone uses the Prynt app to view a photo they printed, adding a social aspect.

“It’s the best of both worlds: You get something that is tangible, unique…but you also have a sense of the context of what happened at that time,” Prynt cofounder and CEO Clément Perrot told CNNTech. “Here’s a way to capture all of that and put it into something that people would look back at. If it stays on their phone, you don’t necessarily look at it again,” he said.

The Prynt Pocket mini-printer costs $149.99 and features a sliding dock to accommodate most models of smartphone. The printer uses Zink’s ‘inkless paper’ so no ink or toner cartridge is needed. The printer can hold ten sheets of paper at a time and a pack of 40 sheets costs $20.

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