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New Video Shows Tekken 7 VR Gameplay

Video shows match between Devil Jin and Akuma during Training Session mode.

Since it was announced back in late 2015 that the PlayStation 4 version of Tekken 7 was going to be getting PlayStation VR support, speculation has been rife about what form the virtual reality (VR) gameplay would take. A new video has revealed some details about what playing Tekken 7 on a PlayStation VR will look like.

The video was posted to the Shirrako gaming YouTube channel, and shows a preview of what the PlayStation VR mode will look like. The footage shows a match between Devil Jin and Street Fighter guest character Akuma presenting as a training session taking place on the bleak but beautiful Infinite Azure stage.

As Senior Game Designer Michael Murray suggested back in 2015, the gameplay is not presented in first-person, but rather in Tekken’s traditional third-person perspective, only the player can change angle and look at the scene from various places, as well as look around the stage to take in details, though there were few to see on the particular stage shown.

Tekken 7 Akuma screenshot

It is not currently known if only the training mode will be presented in VR, or if the other modes will be available to play in VR. Reaction to the video on YouTube has been lukewarm at best, with many Tekken fans unsure what the addition of VR brings to the experience.

Tekken 7 is due for release on 2nd June 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’s unknown if the PC version will receive VR support later on.

You can watch the Tekken 7 VR video below.

VRFocus will bring you further info on Tekken 7 VR mode and other VR titles once it becomes available.

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