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Niantic Rolls Out Anti Cheat Update for Pokemon GO

Cheaters will now face being ‘shadowbanned’.

In videogames just as in real life there are cheaters, and developers are continuously striving to keep their titles on a fair and level playing field. Latest summers big mobile title was Pokemon GO, the augmented reality (AR) videogame from Niantic Labs, and the studio has recently revealed its efforts to stop those who want to ignore the rules of the game.

Via The Silph Road sub-Reddit, Niantic Labs has revealed its efforts to stop bot accounts by ‘shadowbanning’ them. Whilst not going into details about how it does this, the developer notes that the process is essentially denying those accounts access to decent Pokemon, effectively lumbering them with standard creatures like Pidgey and nothing else.

Pokemon GO update

Niantic Labs said on the thread: “We’re committed to maintaining the state of Pokémon GO and our community of Trainers. People who violate the Pokémon GO Terms of Service (including by using third party software and other cheats) may have their gameplay affected and may not be able to see all the Pokémon around them. While we cannot discuss the systems implemented, we can confirm that we are constantly refining new ways to ensure the integrity of the game in order to keep it fun and fair for all Trainers.”

In the short term this should hamper a lot of these unscrupulous accounts but it’s more than likely the account creators will find a way round eventually.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Pokemon GO, reporting back with the latest updates.

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