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Octane Raceway in Arizona Opens VR Arena

Scottsdale, Arizona will be getting a VR arena at Octane Raceway for a new out-of-home experience.

The concept of the virtual reality (VR) arcade has been growing in popularity lately. As covered in the 3-part series The Virtual Arena, out-of-home VR experiences have begun popping up in many places. It seems that Scottsdale, Airzona will soon be getting one, too.

Scottsdale’s Octane Raceway is best known as a place for racing in high-powered Go Karts, but soon the Raceway will be opening a new facility to add to the go-karting, bowling and videogame arcade already on site; a free-roam multiplayer VR arena.

The new VR attraction is titled Velocity VR and was created by Australian VR company Zero Latency. The new VR arena will occupy 3,500 square feet, with no physical obstacles or walls within the play area, creating a massive open arena for VR players to explore. The available experiences are set to be around 15 minutes long and available to players ages 13 and over.

Velocity VR will be opening on 29th May for Memorial Day, and the first experience available for guests will be ‘Survival’, in which up to six players can participate in a zombie apocalypse scenario which will require coordination and team work in order to fight off hordes of the undead. Additional experiences will be added later in the year.

“Octane Raceway is committed to the most exciting and immersive experiences for our customers that leave them awestruck and wanting more. Velocity VR falls in line with that commitment, and will truly be a unique and memorable attraction,” says Scott Sanders, CEO of Octane Raceway.

The experience will cost $40 (USD) during weekdays and $45 at weekends. Anyone who is interested can go to the official Velocity VR website for more information, and to sign up to be notified for when reservations become available.

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