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OPTIS Introduces New Software For VR Prototyping

VR modelling and prototyping software aims to make collaboration easier.

When using digital models for prototyping what will eventually be physical objects, it’s vitally important that they behave as closely as possible like objects in the real world. With that in mind OPTIS heave announced a new version of the HIM software that integrates video, audio and haptic feedback to create a more realistic simulation.

The HIM software is powered by Nvidia technology, using Quadro GPU’s to provide the power needed to create full-scale 3D prototypes with a high level of detail and realism. HIM allows for full-body tracking and motion capture so products can be evaluated by potential end-users in a virtual environment long before a physical product is produced. Collision detection uses Nvidia PhysX, part of the VRWorks software development kit. HIM also has integrated, for the first time, VR audio to create accurate simulations of sound propagation and create a more immersive experience.

The main thrust of the OPTIS HIM software is to allow team members who may be scattered across the globe to be more collaborative and become more involved in the various stages of project design and development. With a VR environment it becomes easier to pass across information, as communication barriers are lowered. In addition, questions of safety can also be addressed as HIM allows every stage of production to be modelled, including the production line, so bottlenecks or safety concerns can be tested and corrected before the product is put into production.

“Soon, robots will gain ground in the design process and in industrial manufacturing in general. OPTIS’ solutions facilitate the upstream work, the use of the virtual reality favoring human-machine interactions.” says Jacques Delacour, CEO and founder of OPTIS.

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