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Publisher Headup Games Launch Huge Steam Sale

60 Games produced by publisher Headup Games on Sale on Steam at up to 60% discount.

The wallets of many a PC videogame fan quake at the approach of the Steam sale. Publisher Headup games are also getting in on the Steam sale fun by announcing that their entire Steam portfolio will be discounted by as much as 80%.

Headup Games are an independent developer and publisher who are responsible for such titles as colourful action platformer Slime-San, turn-based zombie RPG Dead Age and Viking Rage, which is a virtual reality (VR) wave shooter compatible with the HTC Vive.

Viking Rage was launched for HTC Vive last month and puts the player in a role of a Viking armed with axes, longbows and bombs fighting to keep their stronghold safe against a whole horde of mythical creatures such as trolls, kobolds and other monsters. Strategic use of traps and terrain allows players to take down enemies quicker and fill up the ‘Rage Meter’ which can be activated to swiftly lay waste to all enemies in the area. The title also comes with several mini-games, such as ‘Wolf Golf’ which involves using axes as golf clubs and hitting wolves so hard they fly off into the distance. Since launch a further four hidden mini games have been added for players to find.

The publisher have announced that up to 80% off will be available for titles in the portfolio, which covers 60 games of various types. The offer begins on 19th May and is due to end on 26th May, 2017. Further information can be found on the Headup Games official site. A complete list of Headup Games on Steam can be found here.

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