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Raindance VRX Awards

Raindance VRX Award Categories Revealed, VR Masterclasses Announced

The awards will feature 10 categories celebrating VR.

Last month VRFocus reported on the Raindance Film Festival revealing it would be holding a special event in London, UK, to mark the first Raindance VRX Awards. That’s event is due to take place later today so prior to that, festival organisers have unveiled the award categories as well as several virtual reality (VR) masterclasses taking place this year.

Raindance has become one of the UK’s largest independent film festivals with 2017 marking its 25th anniversary. So to mark the occasion the Raindance VRX Awards have arrived to celebrate pioneering VR experiences by independent creators from around the world.

The Raindance VRX Awards Categories are as follows:

  • 1. Best Interactive Narrative Experience
  • 2. Best Mobile Interactive Experience
  • 3. Best Cinematic Narrative Experience
  • 4. Best Documentary Experience
  • 5. Best Music Experience
  • 6. Best Animation Experience
  • 7. Best Branded Experience
  • 8. Best Sensual Experience
  • 9. Best Social Impact Experience
  • 10.Best Sound Design Experience

Raindance VRX Awards

“We are thrilled to be launching Raindance VRX awards and new courses for virtual reality. We believe VR is a powerful new medium and the most exciting change in filmmaking since the onslaught of internet distribution which started with Youtube in 2005,” said Elliot Grove, Founder of Raindance Film Festival in a statement.

In terms of the VR Masterclasses, six have so far been announced:

For those unable to attend, some of the classes will take place in VR via AltspaceVR.

While Mária Rakušanová, Director of VR and New Media at Raindance adds: “Raindance aims to champion pioneering virtual reality experiences and nurture a new generation of talent. We are thrilled to partner with AltspaceVR to bring Raindance masterclasses to their social VR platform and reach creators around the world. As the possibilities of VR technologies continue to grow, more and more exciting opportunities for creators will arise.”

The Raindance VRX Awards will start at 5pm GMT today, with AltspaceVR coverage beginning at 6:40pm GMT. The category winners will then be announced during the 25th Raindance Film Festival which takes place from 22nd September – 1st October 2017.

For any further updates on the Raindance VRX Awards, keep reading VRFocus.

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