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Resident Evil: Vendetta PlayStation VR Exclusive Video

To tie in to upcoming CGI movie Resident Evil: Vendetta, PlayStation VR users are getting an exclusive experience.

Fans of the Resident Evil series who also own a PlayStation VR may rejoice as Sony have announced that a special virtual reality (VR) experience that ties in to upcoming CGI movie Resident Evil: Vendetta will be released for free on 24th May 2017.

The experience is titled Resident Evil: Vendetta Z Infected Experience (sometimes translated as Biohazard Vendetta: Z Infected Experience). The experience puts the plater in the role of an innocent bystander caught up in the spreading pandemic occurring in New York city. The player finds themselves infected and turned into a zombie, thus viewing some scenes from the upcoming movie from the unique perspective of a zombie. The zombiefied player will find themselves attacking tow of the movie’s protagonists, popular Resident Evil characters Chris and Leon.

The full CGI animated movie Resident Evil: Vendetta will be released in Japan on 27th May. The film was animated by Masa Animation Planet, who also worked on the CGI adaptation of Captain Harlock. The story of the movie will feature Chris Refield, Rebecca Chambers and Leon S. Kennedy fighting to control a spreading zombie pandemic in New York begun by bioterrorist and international criminal Glen Arias. It is the third CGI to be released, following on from Resident Evil: Damnation and Resident Evil: Degeneration. Resident Evil: Vendetta is due to be released in the United States on 20th June 2017.

The PlayStation VR experience will be free to PlayStation VR users in Japan from 24th May, 2017. It has not yet been confirmed if users in the west will also be receiving the content.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Resident Evil Vendetta: Z Infected Experience when it becomes available.

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