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Roomscale Will no Longer be ‘Experimental’ in Oculus’ 1.15 Update

The software update is now live on the Public Test Channel.

Oculus’ system updates during the course of 2017 haven’t exactly gone smoothly, especially when it comes to a three sensor setup and roomscale. But that looks to become a thing of the past as the company will soon be releasing a new version, 1.15, that fully supports a triple sensor system.

In a blog posting on the its forums Oculus has announced v1.15 is now available via the Public Test Channel, allowing users to preview the new additions prior to a wider rollout. The main inclusion is the roomscale support that the company has been battling with for the last few months, ever since Oculus Touch arrived alongside being able to purchase additional sensors in December 2016.

Oculus Rift - Touch

As the blog notes: “Rift will fully support three-sensor configurations for larger roomscale setups. We’ve updated the new three-sensor setup wizard in the Oculus app based on the latest data, and everything looks good. This also means we’re planning to remove the experimental tag from roomscale support.”

Those of a less trusting nature who’ve been following these developments might not be holding out too many hopes that the issue is resolved – mainly due to the past few updates all trying to tack the problem in part. But with Oculus removing the ‘experimental’ tag, that’s certainly the most positive sign for multi-sensor users that a resolution has been found.

Oculus will also be changing the way it shares health and safety information. There’s going to be a new safety video that’ll have an option to enable/disable health and safety reminders when putting on the headset once a user has acknowledged the information.

There’s currently no fixed date for the update’s release, a full changelog of patch notes will be available once it does though.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Oculus and its VR improvements, reporting back with the latest announcements.

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