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Rumours Circulate On Battlefront 2 VR Compatibility

Ahead of Electronics Arts E3 presentation, rumours abound that Star Wars Battlefront 2 could have VR compatibility.

Electronics Arts are gearing up for the big E3 presentation next month. It’s anticipated by many that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will form a large part of the title’s that EA intend to showcase at the event, but what of virtual reality (VR) content?

Owners of the original Battlefront title had the opportunity to play through a single VR mission based on the Rogue One film, which could be downloaded for free by players who already owned the base game and played using a PlayStation VR headset. Since the announcement of Battlefront 2, many fans have been speculating on whether or not EA were planning to build on that to include VR content in the new title.

It turns out that there is some limited evidence to suggest that there might indeed be VR content lined up for Battlefront 2. Internet sleuths on the NeoGaf forums have found several official PlayStation publicity emails that show Battlefront 2 artwork with the ‘compatible with VR’ stamp overlaid on top.

In addition, a member of the VR mission development team at Criterion, Alex Mole, teased fans on twitter by hinting as ‘Something awesome’ coming up in the Battlefront sequel. Fans have considered the artwork, Mole’s remarks and his position in the company and drawn a conclusion.

Of course, at this stage, there is no solid evidence. EA have been keeping news on Battlefront 2 close to the chest so as not to spoil any big E3 reveal; and without an official statement, fans and analysts have only rumours and speculation to go on.

It is worth noting, however, that the Rogue One VR mission for Battlefront was announced at E3 2016, so an announcement of VR compatibility for Battlefront 2 would have a certain pleasant symmetry.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Star Wars VR titles as it becomes available.

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