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Samsung Are Preparing A Kids Mode For Gear VR

Rumours circulate that Samsung are working on a Kids Mode for Gear VR similar to Kids Store app on Galaxy smartphones.

Recent studies have shown that Mobile VR is the most popular way for consumers to experience virtual reality (VR) right now, with Samsung’s Gear VR being one of the most successful headsets currently on the market. As Google have just announced a host of new features for the Google Daydream, it isn’t surprising that Samsung are planning on new features for the Gear VR, such as a ‘Kids Mode’.

Samsung have previously introduced the Kids Mode app for Galaxy smartphones, which locks down in-app payments so unintentional purchases can’t be made, presents kid-friendly features such as a colouring book and voice changer and a simplified camera app. A special version of the play store with educational apps and story books is also available through the app. According to Samsung blog Sammobile, Samsung are wanting to introduce similar functionality to the Gear VR.

Potential features for the Gear VR kids mode would be a simplified interface similar to the one used in the smartphone app, a timer to monitor the amount of time children spent in VR and parental controls to lock out certain content and prevent in-app purchases as well as content specifically geared towards children with educational content, and perhaps licensed content from currently popular children’s shows.

It’s unknown at the moment exactly what the Kids Mode for Gear VR would contain, but analysts estimate that the mode would be introduced alongside the Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S9.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on Samsung’s plans for the Gear VR when they becomes available.

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