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Share the Fun with Chromecast for Gear VR

Gear VR aiming to make VR a more social experience by enabling VR experiences to be shared with Chromecast.

Experiences are often better when they are shared. That’s as true for virtual reality (VR) as it is for anything else. Now with support for casting app Chromecast available on Samsung Gear VR, users will be able to share the joy of VR with friends and family.

Users who wish to use the Gear VR Chromecast facility will need the current Oculus Mobile app and the latest version of android (Nougat). Then it is just a case of selecting the Cast button and selecting a nearby Cast-enabled device such as a smart TV or videogame console then activating the Gear VR experience required whilst the audience enjoys the spectacle.

There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding attempts to make VR into a more social experience. The ability to share the VR experience going on inside the Gear VR headset with assembled friends or family goes some way towards bridging the gap, and can also encourage people who have not tried VR before to give it a go once they see it in action.

Gear VR users can show off their sharp shooting skills in titles like Dead and Buried, or host a VR party night where the Gear VR headset is passed around so everyone gets to try, while everyone in the room can see what is going on inside the headset.

Samsung Gear VR is not the only headset experimenting with shared social experiences, Google recently announced that the Google Daydream would support shared YouTube spaces where groups of people can watch a YouTube video together and exchange comments about what they are watching.

VRFocus will continue to report on developments in VR technology and services.

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