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Special Delivery On PlayStation VR Will Have VirZoom Support

Arcade-inspired paper delivery title Special Delivery is coming to PlayStation VR with VirZOOM support.

Does everyone remember Paperboy? The videogame where you had to cycle around the neighbourhood avoiding obstacles and delivering papers while not smashing windows or causing property damage. Well, Special Delivery is like that. Only in reverse and with support for the VirZOOM bike controller.

Special Delivery will be coming to the PlayStation VR on 6th June 2017. The objective of the videogame is to rack up a high score by smashing lawn gnomes, breaking windows, blow up barbecues and knock over bins all while delivering papers to your subscribers. The more mayhem the better in an inverse of the gameplay of Paperboy, but it’s still important to keep your subscribers happy; lose all your subscribers and it’s game over.

The title supports the VirZOOM bike controller, a peripheral which has been covered on VRFocus before. The VirZOOM is also compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and has been installed at several gyms and arcades in an effort to get more people to exercise. The Steam version of Special Delivery, released in late 2016, is also compatible with the VirZOOM.

Though Special Delivery is designed to work best with motion controllers, the PlayStation VR version will only be compatible with the VirZOOM and Dual Shock controllers. When asked about this by PlayStation Lifestyle, the developers at Meercat Gaming said: “We weren’t happy with the [PlayStation Move] tracking and performance. We have not tried the Aim yet! That could be interesting :).”

The price point of Special Delivery for the PlayStation VR has not yet been confirmed, though the Steam version is available for $9.99 (USD).

VRFocus will bring you further details on PlayStation VR titles when they become available.

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